Fundraiser on Call

A personal service for lone fundraisers, senior staff who are responsible for fundraising alongside their main role, and anyone who sometimes wonders whether they are doing the right thing with their fundraising!  Do you ever wish you could:

  • Make a quick phone call or send an email to a professional to get some much-needed fundraising support – whenever you need it
  • Have a one-off longer discussion about a specific fundraising issue you’re dealing with – perhaps an appeal, a strategy or recruiting a member of staff
  • Have a regular check-in to discuss plans and issues

It could cost you as little as £50 a month (or as a one-off fee) to have me as your Fundraiser on Call – whether that’s for a single discussion or ongoing support every week or every month.  You get as much time as you need – contact me to discuss what would suit you best.

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